Heavy-Duty Portable Drilling Machines by CLIMAX: PD3000

Heavy-Duty Portable Drilling Machines by CLIMAX: PD3000

We often get requests for heavy-duty drills from technicians in various industries from Shipbuilding & Repair, Aerospace, Power Generation, Oil & Gas, Mining, and Heavy Construction. The need is for a heavy-duty, portable drill for a variety of hole sizes in various metal structures and fixtures.

In many cases and applications, technicians are challenged with tight side and/or overhead clearance restrictions that eliminate the use of more common large capacity industrial drills. Many of these jobs call for single-pass, step drilling, roto-broaching, and back-spot facing with a variety of stroke range and feed rate requirements.

CLIMAX is the definitive leader and manufacturer of comprehensive, on-site machining solutions. We offer custom engineering and consulting services, specialized training programs, and a full line of portable machine tools enabling operators and technicians to efficiently perform on-site machining for drilling applications.

CLIMAX offers a variety of drills designed with operator safety and ergonomics in mind. CLIMAX drills can improve overall performance and reduce time on the job by up to 60% by having a drill custom-designed for the application.

Heavy Duty Drill in Focus:

CLIMAX PD3000 Pneumatic Drill

The CLIMAX PD3000 Pneumatic portable drill delivers high-torque performance to quickly and repetitively drill more holes in less time! Our drill is equipped with a 3.0 HP motor and can reliably drill holes up to 1.5 inches (38.1 mm) in diameter through tough metals like HY80 steel.

The PD3000 stroke and max drilling depth are variable with a spindle length, appx 6.5-inch (164.1 mm) with variable feed from 0.0005 — 0.012 inch (0.0127 — 0.3048 mm) IPR, dependent on the gearset selected. The clutch system ( instead of a shear pin ) prevents drill damage in a stall chip overload and quickly mounts to a fixture with on start automatically advanced, and drills to preset depth retract and shut off.

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