BB5000 and BW1000 Training Success Story

BB5000 and BW1000 Training Success Story

While many companies partner with independent contractors to support machining jobs, others take machining and repairs in house, seeking to operate in a more efficient and cost-effective manner. Due to the sheer size and scope of projects in the heavy construction industry, it’s crucial that work crews have the proper expertise and the necessary skills to ensure projects are completed accurately and safely. Training is essential in any job setting – but it is especially important when on-boarding new equipment.

General contractor Klassen Brothers Northern specializes in oilfield and civil projects in Alberta, British Columbia and Yukon. With a focus on heavy equipment projects, the company constantly works with abrasive materials, resulting in a need for frequent machine repairs to keep them running at peak performance.

Previously, to help manage repair challenges, Klassen Brothers worked with independent contractors, requiring significant time and costs. To operate more efficiently, the Klassen Brothers determined that they had the means to conduct the repairs themselves. However, they faced one major challenge: They didn’t have much experience with line boring.

Enter CLIMAX. With more than 30 years’ experience, CLIMAX training experts understand the ins and outs of machining. They’re able to share shortcuts with customers to help optimize setup and achieve great results in efficient, and cost-effective ways.

CLIMAX Product Trainer Chase Stewmon hosted a three-day training session at the Klassen Brother’s facility in DeBolt, Alberta, to ensure that the Klassen Brothers employees were up to speed with all line boring and bore welding procedures. Chase trained two employees on the company’s new BB5000 Line Boring Machine and BW1000 Auto Bore Welder recently purchased from CLIMAX.

“We couldn’t be happier with the level of training that Chase provided us on our new machine,” said Klassen Brothers Shop Foreman Dave Jackson.” His attitude, level of experience and ability to communicate as an instructor was outstanding. Since none of us are machinists by trade, the training program was a huge draw and benefit. Overall, the CLIMAX team made the training process a very positive experience.»

“The training program is so much more than the basics of machining, welding and tool setup,” said CLIMAX Pacific Northwest Sales Manager Bart Rierson. “We help customers understand the theory behind when and why it makes sense to do a repair a certain way. In addition, the hands-on training experience is extremely valuable – instead of talking about what you should do when operating a machine, training experts are able to show customers first-hand and explain the process as they go.”

At the end of all training sessions, CLIMAX provides follow-up materials and resources to ensure customers are fully equip to utilize the machine on their own. With information on tooling, application images and shop manuals, customers are ready for real-world challenges.

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