The response and feedback on the new CLIMAX FF6300 Flange Facer has been terrific. Operators are utilizing this tool for many more applications than its predecessor the FF6200, with the most experienced machinists in the world wanting even more! We listened and we are excited to introduce the new FF6300 feedbox which gives operators the best of both worlds – infinitely variable feed rate AND rock solid consistency.

In many flange facing applications the ability to infinitely adjust the feed rate is needed in order to achieve the required surface finish. In addition, a common challenge with on-site flange repair is having access to ideal and consistent air volume and pressure. Significant loss of air can greatly impact the performance of air-powered equipment.

The new FF6300 feedbox allows any feed rate to be selected from .002 – .035 inches/rev (.08 – .089 mm/rev) by using a mechanical adjustment screw on the feedbox. The adjustment screw sets a hard stop for the ratchet arm that turns the leadscrew and advances the feed. This hard stop and the associated feed rate can only be changed by the operator and will return to the same point every time, even with significantly reduced air pressure and flow.

2017-02-16-FF63-Worlds-Best-FF-2-300x300rev   2017-02-16-FF63-Worlds-Best-FF-1-300x300rev   2017-02-16-FF63-Worlds-Best-FF-3-300x300rev

„This feedbox provides customers with what they need – an adjustable and consistent feed rate every time. You also have the ability to stop and start the feed while the machine is rotating which is a real nice feature when cleaning up a cut.“

– Jim Miller, Global Training Manager

With this enhancement, the feed rate will not change due to air fluctuations ensuring this flange facer produces a consistent feed rate per revolution of the machine, clearly separating the FF6300 as the best flange facer in its class.

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