Three cost-effective maintenance options for your BB5000 and BB4500

Three cost-effective maintenance options for your BB5000 and BB4500

The Axial Feed Unit and Rotational Drive Unit for the CLIMAX BB5000 and BB4500 line boring machines require regular maintenance to ensure top performance. Maintaining proper functionality of both units is crucial to sustaining reliability and performance so your line boring machine is ready for a job when you are.


When you buy a machine from CLIMAX, it comes with a wealth of recommendations for ongoing inspection and maintenance. Even so, preventive maintenance can be a difficult process to navigate. Many BB5000 and BB4500 parts are positioned inside of the machine, so it can be a challenge to determine which parts are being overworked and are in need of repair. Keeping preventive maintenance and emergency service parts on hand can ensure your projects are done on time and without interruption.

Whether you’re getting ready for an important repair or want to restore your line boring machine to its original factory performance, several maintenance options are available for keeping your CLIMAX line boring machine operating at peak performance.

Here are three cost-conscious options:

OPTION 1: Trade out your damaged axial feed unit for a refurbished one by utilizing the CLIMAX Drive and Feed Unit Exchange and Refurbishment Program.

Under this program, the replacement unit is fully rebuilt by CLIMAX experts. All refurbished units are covered by a one-year warranty on parts and labor. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Give us a call and let us know whether you need an Axial Feed Unit (AFU) or a Rotational Drive Unit (RDU).

Step 2: We will send you a performance-ready refurbished RDU or AFU, along with packaging and a shipping label for you to send your RDU or AFU back to us.

Step 3: Pack your RDU or AFU in the same packaging your refurbished unit was shipped in, and return it to CLIMAX.

Step 4: Your improved and performance-ready RDU and AFU are ready for line boring machine jobs!

OPTION 2: Send your Axial Feed Unit or Rotational Drive Unit to CLIMAX for repair.

With this repair option, CLIMAX experts rebuild and repair your axial feed or rotational drive unit to ensure the machine runs smoothly and performs optimally. This is another cost-effective option compared to purchasing an entirely new unit.

OPTION 3: Request a service parts kit from CLIMAX and conduct repairs yourself.

This is a great option for our customers who are mechanically savvy and comfortable with their ability to disassemble and repair the tool themselves. It’s key for customers to be knowledgeable on how the unit is disassembled, cleaned, greased and rebuilt to ensure successful refurbishment. Customers have the option to buy individual parts that need replacing or can purchase one of two field service kits to help with the process.

The basic field service kit contains parts that are most commonly needed to get your unit in top operating condition such as clutch bearings, adjustable feed stops, feed adjustment plungers, thrust packs, follower bearings and a lead nut along with other minor service parts. The complete field service kit includes everything you need to fully overhaul your tool.

Which option sounds like a great fit for your Axial Feed Unit or Rotational Drive Unit? Contact us today to get started.

Stay tuned for preventive maintenance and AFU “dos and don’ts” tips next month!