Testing RTJ Valves with the HYDROPRO™ Universal Straight Valve Tester

Testing RTJ Valves with the HYDROPRO™ Universal Straight Valve Tester

The CALDER HYDROPROUniversal Straight Valve (USV) Tester is the most versatile and user-friendly tester in the industry! The USV system uses our patented Easy-Out Seal Plate™ holders which allows quick change-out of seal plates from flanged to other valve end type connections with minimal effort.

See the CALDER HYDROPRO™ USV-150T in action on a 4 inch (102 mm) valve with a RTJ end configuration and see how easy it is to align the RTJ valve within the USV test fixture.

Other key features include:

  1. Massive time savings by eliminating the need to flange and bolt a valve before testing.
  2. Patented Easy-Out Seal Plates™ in the USV clamping fixture allows seal plates to be changed quickly and easily for different valve end configurations like RTJ’s, raised face, flat faced, butt weld or socket weld prep ends.
  3. Unique valve tilting option makes it easy to find the best orientation for loading the valve, and hydraulically tilts the clamp fixture 90 degrees from horizontal to vertical, ensuring removal of all air prior to pressurizing the system.
  4. Patented Safety Interlock system is the best in the industry, with interlocking knobs and valve handles that will not release the clamp pressure until the test pressure valve is opened and internal test pressure is released.

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