Technical Tips from Tim VanBergen – Milling Machines

Technical Tips from Tim VanBergen – Milling Machines

TECHNICAL TIPS FROM TIM VANBERGEN: Checking Bed Alignment on your LM5200 and LM6200 Linear/Gantry Milling Machine

To help our customers stay up to date on machining techniques Tim VanBergen, our Senior Rental & Repair Specialist shares another tip to help customers with their next CLIMAX portable machining project.

One of the most critical checks on the LM5200 or LM6200 Linear/Gantry milling machines is the proper connection and alignment of the main bed sections. Because we allow the rental customer and machine operator to configure the rental machines to fit their job, it’s critical that when we are servicing the machines after rent, they are re-assembled in conventional mill mode and that the THK rail sections are hand-checked before connecting and testing the feed system.

Check out Tim’s latest video on how to check the bed alignment on the CLIMAX Linear/Gantry Milling Machines.