A Dozen Questions That Can Save You Millions in Your Valve Testing Program!

When purchasing a valve testing system, the top concerns have to be safety, quality, durability, performance, versatility, usability, productivity and – ultimately – total cost of ownership and return on the investment. So, we recommend that you take THE CALDER CHALLENGE: Ask these 12 pivotal questions when purchasing a valve tester . . .

  1. Is every component in the tester rated, by the component’s manufacturer, to the maximum allowable working pressure of the system? We see so many testers that claim to have, say, a 10,000 psi maximum pressure rating, but contain components rated to only a fraction of that – in some cases as low as 2,500 psi! There’s a reason for this: the cost of these components goes up exponentially with the pressure rating. In other words, some of our competitors save themselves money by cutting corners on safety and quality and then telling you it doesn’t really matter. Don’t be fooled. Ask them to show you, with objective evidence, that every component is fully rated by its OEM to the maximum allowable working pressure of the system. If they can’t do that, they aren’t the right partner for you!
  2. Is the manufacturer ISO certified? Where is the tester built, and where does the stuff inside the tester come from? Note: we’re not just asking where final assembly takes place. Some of our competitors source their components and materials from cheap, substandard suppliers and manufacture their systems or subassemblies in so-called «low labor cost» places. They wrap it in shiny paneling and pretty paint in a more reputable place and then claim it was «manufactured» there. Don’t be fooled! Ask them to show you where the stuff inside the tester comes from and where the tester is really made. At CALDER, the components used in our test systems are made in the USA and our testers are built and tested in our ISO-certified factory in Oregon, which has more than 50 years of manufacturing experience and a legendary reputation for quality! Always ask for a current copy of the manufacturer’s ISO certificate when investing in a valve tester.
  3. Does the tester come with a standard 2-year warranty? A 5-year extended warranty? All CALDER test systems come standard with a 2-year end-to-end warranty. That’s twice as long and more comprehensive than any other major OEM. And when you purchase a CALDERCARE Total Preventative Maintenance Package, we extend the warranty out to as much as 5 years and take care of all the maintenance and spare parts for you! Hassle-free, worry-free valve testing equipment that lasts – only from CALDER! Why don’t the other guys do this? Because they can’t afford to; their systems aren’t robust enough. If they can’t afford it, can you?
  4. Can the tester be configured to my exact needs, so I don’t pay for things I don’t need? Is the tester manufacturer trying to shoe-horn you into a narrow set of pre-defined models? Are you paying too much because it includes things you really don’t need? CALDER testers are infinitely configurable to meet your exact needs, without charging you for things you don’t need. Buy what you need, not what someone else finds it convenient to sell you! And for your unique, complex or highly specialized testing needs, let our experts design a custom system to meet your exact requirements. We’re the most experienced design team in the business – there’s no job we can’t do!
  5. Can the tester be seamlessly upgraded and expanded in the field, at any time in the future? The modular, common-platform design of the new CALDER platform ensures that all modules, components, and accessories are plug-and-play compatible, so we can seamlessly upgrade or expand your system in the field at any time in the future to keep pace with your growing and evolving business. If you think you might want to increase the capacity or throughput of your testing operation in the future, or start testing different types or sizes of valves, or might need to perform different kinds of tests, or might want to integrate data analysis and reporting capabilities, or might want to automate your test process, and so on, then you want the flexibility and versatility that’s built into the CALDER tester platform.
  6. Can I test multiple valves concurrently on the tester? With the CALDER HYDROPRO console, you can be testing on one port while setting up the next workpiece on the other port. This reduces total test time and increases the productivity of your valve testing operation. No other comparable test system can do this.
  7. Is the test system easy to use? (And hard to misuse?) CALDER testers have numerous features, options and accessories to help you get your testing done fast and right. For example, our patented Easy-Out Seal Plates™ allow you to change among valve sizes quickly without the need for special tools. Unique clamp box cut-outs allow you to easily test many different types of valves, including valves with actuators. The optional hydraulic tilt feature allows for easier loading of valves into the test fixture and complete removal of air from the valve for safer and more accurate hydrostatic testing. The intuitive, ergonomic layout of our test systems makes them easy to use, reduces operator fatigue, shortens the learning curve and reduces the possibility of user errors. Our patent-pending Safety Interlock System helps to prevent mistakes and maintain safety. The detailed operator’s manual contains step-by-step instructions on a variety of valve testing operations. And much more.
  8. How safe is the test system? User safety is our #1 priority. CALDER clamping fixtures are physically separated from the test pressure control console, so the fixture can be located in a separate room or behind CALDER Test Barriers, keeping the operator away from pressurized components. We use only high-quality components that are fully rated to the maximum working pressure of the system for increased safety. Our intuitive, ergonomic design minimizes the potential for user error – the number one cause of safety incidents. Our patent-pending Safety Interlock System is the best in the industry, with interlocking knobs and valve handles that will not release the clamp pressure until the internal test pressure is relieved. Our hydraulic tilt feature ensures all air is removed from the valve prior to hydrostatic testing, to prevent high-pressure ruptures. Our clamping fixture arms, bodies and mechanical systems are designed to be far stronger than other comparable systems. And much more.Get your valve tester from the company that cares enough to put your safety first!
  9. How accurate is it? CALDER systems are designed for optimal performance in both volumetric leak seat testing and hydrostatic pressure testing applications. CALDER has minimized the number of leakage points, wear-out mechanisms and other sources of unwanted variability by design, so you get more accurate and reliable measurements over the life of the tester. HYDROPRO™ systems are optimized and fully tested to meet ANSI FCI 70-2 (formally ANSI B16.104) for measuring valve seat leakage. By integrating the SMARTEST™ data acquisition console, you can eliminate human error in recording the data and generating test reports. All this adds up to more accurate and reliable results. Given the potentially astronomical costs and risks associated with mis-testing a valve and having it fail in its system (e.g., refinery, pipeline, power plant, ship, submarine, etc.) can you afford not to buy the most accurate and reliable valve tester on the market?
  10. What’s the total test time and throughput? Time is money. Discuss your valve testing program with us – what types of valves you test, what sizes, what pressures, what procedures, what data you need to capture, and so on – and we’ll help you minimize test time, maximize throughput and get the best results. No other major provider can give you this kind of expert consultation. CALDER systems have numerous time-saving and productivity-enhancing features. For example, our test fixtures include rapid advance and retract systems. Patented Easy-Out Seal Plates™ allow you to change among valve sizes quickly and easily. Quick disconnect gages and easily accessible consumable/service components maximize uptime. Our unique Quick-Fill Water Circuit reduces total test time. The optional hydraulic tilt feature makes loading valves faster and easier. The HYDROPRO™ console allows you to test multiple valves concurrently. Our SMARTEST™ systems allow you to automate the testing procedure and the data collection, analysis, and reporting. And much more.
  11. Can the test system be automated? Our SMARTEST™ system automates the real-time collection, display, and analysis of test data and makes it easy to generate test reports. SMARTEST PLUS™ gives you programmable, automated, hands-free control of your testing procedures. Built-in WiFi capability makes it easy to share data securely. Industrial-grade electronics and the rugged, splash-proof (IP67) enclosure make the system ideal for use in tough industrial environments.
  12. Is the tester fully supported, 24×7? CALDER testers are backed by the vast CLIMAX support network, world-wide. We have 24×7 US-based customer support by phone and an extensive team of factory-certified field service technicians ready to support the installation and start-up of your system and respond to all your needs over the lifetime of the tester. The experts at THE CALDER VALVE INSTITUTE are ready to train your team at one of our global training centers or at your site. And with the CALDER CARE Total Preventative Maintenance Program, we take care of all your preventative maintenance, repair, and spare parts needs and keep your system in top condition with zero hassle for you. No other major provider can surround your test system with end-to-end service and support the way CALDER does! They might claim they can, but check the facts carefully: Where are their field technicians located? How many? How much experience do they have? How fast can they get to you? How quickly can you get spare parts? Are they really on call 24×7? Who will answer the phone when you call?

The answers you get to these 12 questions will give you insight into your total cost of ownership and return on investment over the life of the test system. CALDER delivers far greater economic value to your business than any other comparable test system because: (1) you pay only for what you need; (2) it lasts a long time; (3) it has the longest and best warranty; (4) it can be seamlessly upgraded or expanded in the future (vs. paying for a new system or refits); (5) it has a long list of time-saving and productivity-enhancing features; (6) it’s easier to learn and use, so your people spend less time pondering the tester and more time testing valves; (7) it has numerous mistake-proof features to minimize downtime, scrap and rework; (8) it’s safer (and we all know how expensive safety incidents can be); (9) it’s more accurate (think about the expense associated with a bad valve that passes testing); and (10) it’s backed by our vast service and support network to maximize your uptime and productivity.

When purchasing a valve testing system, take THE CALDER CHALLENGE and ask these 12 pivotal questions. Any provider that doesn’t have an excellent answer to each and every one of these questions is not the right partner for your business. Why settle for less? Don’t accept cheap talk. Check the facts carefully. Then rely on CALDER for the perfect solution – and rest easy knowing that your system is 12 for 12!

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