SAFETY LIKE NO OTHER! The New Line-Up of CALDER Valve Testers.

SAFETY LIKE NO OTHER! The New Line-Up of CALDER Valve Testers.

CALDER engineers, in collaboration with key industry experts, spent countless hours designing this next generation of CALDER advanced valve testing systems. Not only are CALDER systems more versatile, accurate, durable and cost-effective, they’re designed with «Safety First!» in mind. Our systems maximize user protection and ensure test results our customers can trust. Ask us to compare our system against anyone else’s and we’ll show you the difference!

Here’s how CALDER takes safety precautions to a whole new level:

  • Every component in the pressure circuit is certified, by the component’s manufacturer, to the maximum allowable working pressure of the system. Other providers will often use components that are rated at only a fraction of the maximum pressure rating of the system. For example, it is not uncommon for a competitor’s test system rated to 10,000 psi to contain some components rated by their OEMs to only a fraction of 10,000 psi, in some cases as low as 2,500 psi! These test system manufacturers are counting on the design margin (a.k.a. safety factor) that is designed into these components by the OEMs of these components. There are two problems with this approach. First, these component design/safety margins are often unpublished or merely approximate values and are not guaranteed; they are a «buffer» against uncertainty and variability inherent in the component’s design, construction and manufacturing process, as well as variability in the environmental factors and use conditions experienced by the component and its fatigue/wear-out characteristics. In other words, the buffer is there for a reason! Second, by adopting this approach, the valve tester manufacturer is essentially «using up» or «consuming» the design/safety margin of the components, rather than adding in their own safety margin on top of that of the components. At CALDER, we think this lazy and amateurish design practice is unacceptable because it can compromise user safety — your safety! In our 10,000 psi system, for example, all components are rated at or above 10,000 psi by their respective OEMs — period! We don’t rely on someone else’s safety factor to keep you safe! Our rivals like to say our systems are «over-engineered.» They are — in the best sense of the term! Don’t be fooled by what our competitors say; ask them to show you, with objective evidence, that every component in their test system is fully-rated to the maximum allowed working pressure of the system by the component’s OEM. This is essential not only for safety but for durability and accuracy as well.
  • Our Patent-Pending Safety Interlock System is the best in the industry. Our system of interlocking knobs and valve handles will not release the clamping pressure until the test pressure valve is opened and internal test pressure is released. Ask us to show you why this approach is superior to anything else on the market.
  • All CALDER testers are proudly made in the USA in our ISO 9001 certified factory. Our testers are built to the highest quality standards. When investing in a valve test system, ask the provider for a copy of their ISO manufacturing certification. Unlike most other providers, we don’t use cheaply-made components and materials from substandard suppliers and we don’t manufacture in so-called «low labor cost» places. Our ISO certified factory in Oregon has more than 50 years of manufacturing experience and a legendary reputation for quality! That’s why we back our products with the longest warranty in the industry. Ask our competitors to show you where their stuff is really made . . .
  • CALDER testers are designed to have fewer failure points and wear-out modes. Our expert engineers use sophisticated design tools and techniques when designing our systems, including finite element analysis (FEA) for modeling dynamic stress in the system under use conditions. Our designs are exhaustively tested in our laboratories to ensure they will function well even under the harshest conditions and last a long time. Our systems are made with high-reliability joints and fittings, and we minimize the number of welded joints and hence the susceptibility to wear-out and failure of weldments. All critical components of the system — such as pressure circuits, clamping arms, and clamp fixture mechanics — are «over-designed» to ensure they can handle the worst-case environmental and usage conditions specified. You see one of our competitor’s systems operate under high pressure, notice how much the clamping arms flex, how much the body distorts, and how it struggles to maintain a good seal — especially over periods of long usage. Then check out our systems and you’ll — literally! — see the difference. Rugged, robust, durable and safer — and backed by the longest warranty in the industry. That’s the CALDER difference, by design.
  • CALDER testers meet or exceed all safety and quality requirements of the CE standard. All of the new CALDER products are fully CE certified and available for sale everywhere in the world, including in the European Union and other locations that require the CE mark. With CLIMAX sales offices, service centers and authorized representatives around the globe, we’re ready to serve you wherever you are!
  • CALDER testers are intuitive and user-friendly — perhaps the most overlooked safety feature! Most safety hazards arise from human error. Is there variation in the level of skill and experience among the employees in your valve testing operation? Do you have to train new people to use valve testers from time to time? Do your people put in long hours sometimes and get fatigued? Do your people sometimes get confused about the right way to perform a certain kind of test? These factors can lead to safety incidents. That’s why CALDER testers are designed to be intuitive, user-friendly, ergonomic and mistake-proof to the highest degree possible. The HYDROPRO™ console, with its intuitive circuit layout and patent-pending safety interlock system, is a great example of this. Other examples include ergonomically designed clamp fixture consoles, integrated splash shields, patented Easy Out Seal Plates™ for easily changing among valve sizes, optional hydraulic tilt function for easy valve loading and air removal, quick-connect gages for easy calibration, easy access to service components from the front of the console, complete operator manuals with step-by-step instructions, and many more! Call us for a complete overview.
  • CALDER offers a complete line of Test Barriers for use with your system. We can’t guarantee your safety — only you can do that given your specific environment and operations — but we do provide building blocks such as Test Barrier Walls to help you achieve your safety goals. Call us for more information.
  • The CALDER VALVE INSTITUTE™ is here to train your people to operate safely and efficiently. We’ll train you to get the most out of your CALDER test system in terms of safety, accuracy, and productivity. Get trained at one of our global training centers, or we’ll do the training at your site anywhere in the world.
  • Stay safe and productive with expert help whenever you need it. Our experts are available for consultation, applications engineering, tech support and trouble-shooting, field repair and maintenance services, and custom system design — all backed by CLIMAX’s vast global network. We’re ready to provide whatever you need to help you get your valve testing done safely and efficiently. And — take advantage of our CALDER CARE™ Total Preventative Maintenance Program for hassle-free maintenance of your test system, to keep it running at peak performance.

«At CLIMAX | CALDER, user safety is our number one priority. Industry safety standards and regulations have been increasing and we expect this trend to continue in the future, everywhere valve testing is performed. You and your people deserve the superior quality, reliability and safety inherent in all CALDER products. Get your equipment from the company that cares enough to design, build and support the highest-quality products in the industry. And — please! — always get proper training and diligently adhere to equipment operating instructions, regulations and industry best practices when manufacturing, repairing or testing valves!»

— Tom Cunningham, CEO

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