The SMARTEST – DAAS captures the performance of your valve test digitally. The system will allow the operator to isolate any point along the graph line of the test to display the numeric value of the pres­sure. Data can be reported in both .PDF or .CSV file formats. Built-in Wi Fi capability allows for easy and secure sharing of data. This rugged splash-proof (IP65) unit is ideal for industrial valve testing envi­ronments.

The SMARTEST PLUS ™ – DACS gives the user maxi­mum control of the valve test allowing for in­creased and unrivaled productivity. The Variable Sample Rate provides a high density data stream which is suitable for most short term tests. With the ability to capture 10 samples per second, that’s over 216,000 data points in a 1 hour test. The DACS system is upgradeable for multiple input channels giving the user more access to pressure or tem­perature data. Wi Fi enabled, the system allows the user to send results directly to any email ad­dress, while storing results on the DACS hard drive.

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15.6 inch (1396.2 mm) panel PC with resistive touch screen and USB port on front

Temperature Range:
41° F (5° C) – 95° F (35° C)

Pressure Transducer Accuracy:
5% of pressure range

Power Requirements:
Main power 120v or 230v single phase 50-60Hz

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