Brunson Optical Alignment System

The Brunson Optical Alignment Systems are a simple and accurate way to align many CLIMAX machines.

One model is made specifically for use with the CLIMAX BB5000 Line Boring machine, to align 2.25 inch bearings over distances from 2 to 30 ft (609.6 – 9144 mm). It can also be used to align multiple bearings over long distances. This allows compensation for bar sag when using a long bar, or eliminating a long bar while still maintaining bores in perfect alignment.

The Brunson model 545 and 810 models can be used to precisely align many other CLIMAX models in the field.

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Our product line has grown to exceed over 40 on-site machine tools: line boring machines, bore welders, flange facers, portable mills, and advanced valve testing systems. Additionally, to support our global customer base we have well over 2,500 tools available in our rental fleet.

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