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The CALDER Safety Relief Valve Tester (SRV) sets a new industry standard for testing safety relief valves with unsurpassed performance and ease of use.


  • Every component in the SRV pressure circuit is designed to work at the maximum specified test pressure (allowable working pressure) of the system for increased safety, quality and durability, allowing users to perform tests with confidence.
  • Unique J-tube design allows for free flow of air or water from the source to the valve being tested, providing a cushion of air or water under the valve seat to reduce seat damage.
  • SRV-300x300Test vessel option provides quick water fill and pressurization which allows the operator to test valves much quicker.
  • Intuitive hydraulic clamping and 90-degree control panel are conveniently located at the clamp fixture for quick and secure valve positioning and clamping.
  • Field upgradable/expandable to evolve with your business and maximize your ROI. Our modular, common-platform design ensures that all equipment and accessories can seamlessly upgrade or expand your system at any time to meet your changing business needs.
  • Quick-connect test pressure gauges can be removed easily to calibrate or change out gauges quickly.
  • Patent Pending Safety Interlock system is the best in the industry, with interlocking knobs and valve handles that will not release the clamp pressure until the test pressure valve is opened and internal test pressure is released.
  • Standard 2-year warranty is the longest in the industry! Unlike many of our competitors, we don’t skimp on quality, so we can put our money where our mouth is. And – ask us how to extend your warranty out to 5 years.

“The new CALDER SRV Tester is brilliantly designed. We achieve the most solid and accurate lift and cushioned re-seat by utilizing our vessel and j-tube design. With the hydraulic clamping control panel strategically located right where the work takes place, clamping is fast and so easy that one person can do it. And with every pressure component certified to work at or above the advertised testing pressure, operators can feel much more secure.  When safety, accuracy, time and dependability matter, the new CALDER SRV Tester is the right choice.” – Fisher Price, CALDER Product Manager

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Terms and conditions apply as contained in the service contract. This service not available in all areas. Terms and conditions may vary by location. Contact your CLIMAX | CALDER representative for details.

LEGAL NOTICE:  Proper training must be obtained and proper procedures must be followed and proper supervision must be in place at all times when manufacturing, maintaining, repairing or testing valves of any kind.  Please pay careful attention to the instructions and warnings provided in connection with the product and services. CALDER’s products and services are subject to specific written limitations of liabilities and are covered by express limited warranties, which shall apply to the purchase, rental or use of the products. NO WARRANTIES ARE GIVEN EXCEPT FOR ANY APPLICABLE EXPRESS WRITTEN WARRANTIES SPECIFICALLY PROVIDED BY CALDER. ALL IMPLIED WARRANTIES, INCLUDING THOSE OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR PARTICULAR PURPOSE, ARE EXPRESSLY WAIVED. The buyer assumes all risks associated with the use of the product.


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