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CLIMAX, the leading global manufacturer of portable machining, welding, and advanced valve testing systems, is pleased to announce its new partnership with NGL Machining. NGL will represent and support the full range of CLIMAX portable machine tools, BORTECH auto bore welders, H&S TOOL pipe cutting and beveling products, and CALDER advanced valve testing systems in Poland.

NGL Machining was founded as an answer to the market demand expecting mobile machining services while maintaining the performance of a stationary machine. Their goal is to find an alternative to stationary machining, eliminating the need to disassemble and transport the machined component.

“When we bought our first CLIMAX Line Boring Machine (BB5000), we dreamed that one day we would be a distributor of CLIMAX. We are the best in-situ service team and are excited to be selling the best portable machine tools in Poland. As you can see our dreams are coming true” says Artur Chróścielewski and Rafał Bogusz, NGL Machining.

“I look forward to working with NGL Machining in Gdańsk, Poland. NGL inspires its customers with its enormous expertise and decades of experience in the field of on-site machining services. Our customers will be enthusiastic about the possibilities of working with NGL on consulting, solution-development, and high-quality portable machine tools. Artur and Rafal are solution-oriented business partners who motivate you with their dynamism” says Guido Ewers zum Rode, Vice President of Sales & General Manager for Europe.

NGL Machining can be reached at:

Tel: +48 58 303 20 18
Add: ul. Orzechowa 5, 80-175 Gdańsk, Poland

Visit our website at for information on CLIMAX, BORTECH, H&S TOOL, and CALDER products.


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