Announcing an Important Change in the CLIMAX Distribution Network in Asia.

CLIMAX is the world’s leading manufacturer of portable machine tools. Established in 1966, CLIMAX pioneered portable machining technology and has sold more than 50,000 portable machine tools globally. Today, the CLIMAX family has grown to include H&S TOOL pipe cutting and end-prep tools, BORTECH autobore welding systems and CALDER advanced valve testing systems.

In 2015, CLIMAX established its Asia Pacific Headquarters in Singapore in order to better serve customers in the region. Our Singapore-based team has done an excellent job of establishing a regional presence and expanding our network.

We would like to announce the following change in our network:  Effective immediately, Assurich Industries Pte Ltd, based in Singapore, will no longer distribute or represent CLIMAX or its sub-brands, including CALDER. All related inquiries should now be directed to the CLIMAX Asia Pacific Headquarters in Singapore, using the contact information below.

This change in our commercial network pertains only to Assurich. All other authorized CLIMAX distributors and representatives throughout Asia remain in the network and are ready to serve you, as always. And we will continue to add representatives to our network to keep pace with our expanding business – stay tuned for more news on this topic in the near future!

«This is a great time to take our CLIMAX, H&S TOOL, BORTECH and CALDER brands to the next level. As we expand our network of local representation across Southeast Asia, we will make an outstanding impact in offering end-to-end solutions and technical support to our customers.»

– Andrew Chin  |  Director of Sales, Service & Marketing – Asia

Contact our Asia Pacific Headquarters today to learn more about our products.

316 Tanglin Road #02-01
Singapore 247978

Email: [email protected]

Tel: +65 68010662 I

LEGAL NOTICE: Proper training must be obtained and proper procedures must be followed and proper supervision must be in place at all times when manufacturing, maintaining, repairing or machining with portable tools of any kind.  Please pay careful attention to the instructions and warnings provided in connection with the product and services.  CLIMAX | BORTECH | CALDER | H&S TOOL products and services are subject to specific written limitations of liabilities and are covered by express limited warranties, which shall apply to the purchase, rental or use of the products. NO WARRANTIES ARE GIVEN EXCEPT FOR ANY APPLICABLE EXPRESS WRITTEN WARRANTIES SPECIFICALLY PROVIDED BY CLIMAX | BORTECH | CALDER | H&S TOOL. ALL IMPLIED WARRANTIES, INCLUDING THOSE OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR PARTICULAR PURPOSE, ARE EXPRESSLY WAIVED. The buyer assumes all risks associated with the use of the product.