Fulfilling your equipment needs without busting the budget

Fulfilling your equipment needs without busting the budget

A lot of industry headlines are currently focused on the oil and gas sector, and rightfully so. Firms are finding it difficult to manage issues like debt and capital expenditures, and predictions of the pricing floor seem as reliable as a bridge made of balsa wood.


Whether your work is in the oil field, the shipyard or a mining operation, market uncertainties often motivate a second look at budgets. Pre-owned equipment is an attractive option for operators on a limited budget. Putting the capabilities of a new machine into action at a lower cost keeps operators nimble and capable of pursuing business while remaining mindful of overall financial concerns.


“Even in sectors with less financial volatility, budgets are a key reason CLIMAX customers consider pre-owned machines,” says Dave Baker, Director of Global Rental Operations at CLIMAX.
Operators commonly work through two other scenarios that bring used machines into view:

  • If time constraints are a pressing factor, a used machine might be available so your crew doesn’t have to wait for an all-new machine to be configured.
  • Some CLIMAX customers rent a machine with the express purpose of confirming that it fits their needs, then move to purchase once that’s accomplished.


“We call that third scenario a ‘rent, like, buy’ process,” says Dave. “For other customers, though, it’s not as calculated; they rent a machine, maybe for the first time, then realize that they could do a lot more business if they had one in their full-time inventory.”


According to Dave, the variety of pre-owned machines available from CLIMAX isn’t much different than what’s offered new or as a rental, and most of it has undergone refurbishment, inspection and testing to achieve CLIMAX’s Certified Pre-Owned status. These machines come with a 90-day warranty and the option to purchase an extended warranty. To give customers further peace of mind, each machine is tested for accurate operation to the same standards as a new machine.


“We’ve built an outstanding reputation for quality products,” says Dave. “The quality offered in our pre-owned inventory is so good, we find that many customers don’t have any concerns about buying a used machine. We build in a lot of confidence.”


“Regardless of whether the customer is buying new, buying used, or renting, our goal is to match them up with both the right machine solution and the right financial solution for their situation.”