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Weekly News Roundup (Jan 16)

Cash-strapped Mongolia offers more land for mining projects (Reuters) Struggling Mongolia is hoping to drum up more foreign investor interest in its flagging mining industry after opening up an additional 10.1 million hectares (39,000 square miles) of territory for mining exploration.  

U.S. Manufacturing Output Expands Modestly in December (Fox Business)

U.S. manufacturing output rose modestly in December, slowing from the torrid gains registered a month earlier but still signaling that American industry is weathering the impact of a strong dollar and weaker overseas markets.   Could China Become The OPEC Of Solar Manufacturing? (Forbes) Not so long ago, solar power was championed as the solution to America’s energy problems because it promised to destroy energy cartels  

Talks held over future of North Sea oil and gas (BBC)

Unions have met North Sea industry leaders to discuss the future of the oil and gas sector in the wake of recent jobs cuts.



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