CALDER Valve Testing Systems recently introduced a new, enhanced lineup of valve testing systems that have proven to be a reliable solution for valve repair shops. The new valve testers have quickly earned a reputation as the safest, highest quality, and most durable, versatile, and productive systems returning the lowest total cost of ownership. For the following 5 reasons, CALDER Testers are considered the best valve testers in the world.

1. Every component in a CALDER system is rated to the maximum allowable working pressure of the system.

Many OEMs claim to have a 10,000-psi maximum pressure rating, but their systems contain components rated to only a fraction of that — in some cases as low as 2,500 psi! There’s a reason for this: the cost of these components goes up exponentially with the pressure rating, and these OEM’s save money by cutting corners on safety and quality. They may tell you «it doesn’t really matter,» but at CALDER, nothing matters more than the safety of your operators.

2. CALDER testers come with a standard two-year warranty.

All new CALDER test systems come standard with a two-year end-to-end warranty. That’s twice as long and more comprehensive than any other major OEM in the industry. Other OEMs don’t do this because they can’t afford to, and when their systems break down… Good luck trying to get help! Two-year warranties are standard at CALDER because CALDER stands confidently behind our new lineup of valve testing products.

3. CALDER testers offer unrivaled flexibility.

CALDER testers are infinitely configurable to meet your exact needs without charging for things you don’t need. And for unique, complex, or highly specialized testing needs, CALDER experts can design a custom system to meet your exact requirements. The modular, common-platform design of the new CALDER platform ensures that all components and accessories are plug-and-play compatible, making it easy to upgrade or expand your system in the field at any time in the future. And, with the CALDER HYDROPRO™ console, operators can test with one port while setting up the next workpiece on the other port. This reduces total test time and increases the productivity of any valve testing operation. No other comparable test system can do this.

4. User safety is priority #1 at CALDER.

CALDER clamping fixtures are physically separated from the test pressure control console, so the fixture can be located in a separate room or behind CALDER Test Barriers, keeping operators away from pressurized components. CALDER only uses high-quality components that are fully rated to the maximum working pressure of the system for increased safety. The patent-pending Safety Interlock System is the best in the industry, with interlocking knobs and valve handles that will not release the clamp pressure until the internal test pressure is relieved.

5. CALDER valve testers are fully supported 24-7.

CALDER testers are backed worldwide by the vast CLIMAX support network. This network offers 24-7 service with regionally based operations and an extensive team of factory-certified field service technicians ready to support the installation and start-up of your system. The experts at the CALDER VALVE INSTITUTE™ are ready to train your team at one of our global training centers or at your site. No other OEM can surround your test system over its lifetime with end-to-end service and support the way CALDER does!

Valve repair shops are talking about the CALDER Valve Testing Systems for their mission-critical operations. They can no longer afford to buy cheaply built valve testers, and the new lineup from CALDER has finally given them a solution they can rely on.

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Universal Straight Valve Tester

Universal Straight Valve Tester

Safety Relief Valve Tester

Safety Relief Valve Tester