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In the world of machining, welding and field repairs, operators are constantly challenged to think on their feet, as jobs prove to be harder than advertised, and setting up the equipment can present unforeseen challenges and restrictions. In this environment, developing processes and partnerships that help you navigate these challenges can be the key to…

BB5000 and BW1000 Training Success Story

While many companies partner with independent contractors to support machining jobs, others take machining and repairs in house, seeking to operate in a more efficient and cost-effective manner. Due to the sheer size and scope of projects in the heavy construction industry, it’s crucial that work crews have the proper expertise and the necessary skills…

DWR Hydroelectric Repair Success Story



CHALLENGE: The California Department of Water Resources (DWR) faced a daunting repair project on the Oroville Dam, a hydroelectric plant near Sacramento, California, and the tallest dam in the U.S. During a turbine refurbishment, a subcontractor discovered that an excessive load was being added to the bearings of the turbine runner that turned the generator. The turbine chamber…

Customer POV: Trust creates opportunities

No matter the industry, trust is an indispensable quality in relationship building. The partnership between Alaska Roteq and CLIMAX is a prime example of how trust can create mutually beneficial opportunities. As a premier machining service provider in Alaska, Alaska Roteq offers full-service machining capabilities from welding and field machining to mechanics and engineering. With…

Re-Machining a Large-Scale Turntable

With a strong commitment to quality and emphasis on customer loyalty, it’s no surprise that Mouldagraph and CLIMAX have been long-standing partners for years. Most recently, Mouldagraph rented the CLIMAX CM6200 Circular Mill to re-machine the surface of the turntable on an EX5500-5 Hitachi hydraulic excavator.