CALDER: The Valve Test System That Can Grow & Evolve with YOUR Business!

CALDER: The Valve Test System That Can Grow & Evolve with YOUR Business!

The new lineup of CALDER advanced valve testing systems, manufactured by CLIMAX, are the most flexible and versatile systems on the market. The CALDER test system can seamlessly expand and evolve with your business, giving you the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) and the highest return on investment (ROI) over the life of the tester.

«When designing the new CALDER valve tester family we were intentional about fulfilling this particular need in the market.  Our engineers and valve test experts worked closely with customers like you to understand what they want in the next generation of CALDER testers.  One message was delivered loud and clear:  customers need valve test systems that can grow, adapt and evolve with their businesses.  So that’s what we’ve made.»

– Tom Cunningham, CEO

«More versatile» systems means different things to different customers at different times.

  • To some, it means the test system easily scales up to support higher volumes of work as their business grows.
  • To others, it means the ability to seamlessly «bolt on» new functionality and capabilities in the future in order to test different kinds of valves, or test valves in different ways.
  • Still others think of it in terms of productivity enhancing features and functions.
  • And others like the economics of the modular, field-upgradable approach: the ability to buy a basic test system now, paying only for what they really need, and then being able to expand and upgrade the system in the future by adding new functions, new and different kinds of clamping fixtures, intelligent data acquisition and analysis, or programmable / automated control of the test process, to name but a few.

CALDER has all these bases covered!

  • The modular, highly configurable, common-platform design of the new CALDER valve testing platform means everything is fully compatible with everything else in plug-and-play fashion.
  • This built-in flexibility and versatility means we can build the perfect test system for your specific application needs, in a cost-effective way – you only pay for what you need.
  • We can add functionality and capability to your system in the future, right in the field, at any time – so your test system always stays current with your evolving business needs! This is the most flexible and cost-effective way to manage, grow and adapt your organization’s valve testing capabilities.
  • Of course, this approach only works if the tester will last a long time under demanding industrial conditions. That’s why we’ve made CALDER testers rugged and durable, by design. 100% of all CALDER valve tester components and accessories are OEM-certified to handle the maximum specified system pressure. This means our systems are higher-quality, more durable and safer to use. All our testers are manufactured in the USA. Our ISO certified factory has more than 50 years of manufacturing experience and a legendary reputation for quality. So your test system will last a long time, enabling you to take advantage of our field-upgradable approach and achieve vastly superior return on investment over the lifetime of the tester. We’re so confident in the quality and durability of our systems that we back them with a standard 2-year warranty, the longest in the industry!
  • The new CALDER tester platform can do it all. The HYDROPROTest Console can be used as a stand-alone pressure source or can be paired with one of our clamping/testing systems, such as our Universal Straight Valve (USV) test fixture, Universal Flanged Valve (UFV) test fixture or Safety Relief Valve (SRV) test fixture. The HYDROPRO USV system can test any straight-bodied valve no matter what the end configuration is. The UFV can test all flanged valves no matter what the angle body is. CALDER’s unique tilting feature rotates clamped valves 90 degrees from horizontal to vertical, allowing easier valve loading and ensuring removal of all air prior to pressurizing the system. This enables higher test accuracy and less chance of test disruptions or safety hazards.
  • You can test multiple valves concurrently with the HYDROPRO Console: test a valve on one port, while setting up the next valve on the other port to minimize total test time and maximize your productivity. No other comparable test system can do this. Now that’s versatility!
  • HYDROPRO versatility is evidenced by a long list of features like our patented Easy Out Seal Plates™ for changing among valve sizes quickly without the need for special tools, bolts, etc., and our unique clamp box cut-outs which accommodate more types/shapes of valves including valves with actuators, and our unique hydraulic tilt mechanism that allows valves to be loaded horizontally or vertically, whichever is easier in a given situation. The list goes on and on . . .
  • The SMARTEST Data Acquisition & Analysis System (DAAS) allows for easy collection and analysis of test data and generation of reports. The SMARTEST PLUS Data Acquisition & Control (DACS) system allows for automated, programmable control of your test processes. Both are WiFi enabled for easy and secure sharing of test data. These systems are so versatile we can program them to do just about anything you want!
  • You might think such a versatile and feature-rich system is difficult to operate and maintain, but think again! Our systems are incredibly intuitive and easy to use.  And our expert trainers at the CALDER VALVE INSTITUTE™ are standing by to get you up and running quickly and support you in the future. And HYDROPRO test systems are easy to maintain. Based on user feedback, we put all the commonly serviceable components (such as filters, etc.) in an easy-access compartment right in the front of the console. Quick-disconnect gages allow for easy calibration. To make it even easier, take advantage of our CALDER CARE™ Total Preventative Maintenance Program for worry-free, expert care of your system and an extended warranty out to five years!
  • And check out this truly revolutionary new approach to field testing! The CALDER TURN-AROUND-TESTER™ a high-quality, high-performance mobile field tester unlike anything available on the market today. Transport it around in the bed of your truck or van to do testing in the field with one integrated, easy-to-use unit. Talk about innovation!
  • Beyond our broad and versatile portfolio of standard CALDER testers, custom design services are available upon request to meet your unique or complex needs, from the best engineering team in the business. There’s no job we can’t do!

«At CALDER, we’ve now gone global with our new valve testers; they’re available everywhere, with full CE certification for Europe and the UK. No matter where you are, you’ll benefit from CALDER’s unrivaled service level and unmatched quality – backed by a standard two-year warranty, the longest in the industry. I’ve been in this industry a long time and nobody does it better than CALDER. This next-generation CALDER portfolio, and the enhanced services and support we’ve put in place around it, are going to change the shape of this whole industry.»

– Fisher Price, CALDER Product Line Manager

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