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CLIMAX the leading global manufacturer of portable machining, welding, and advanced valve testing systems, is pleased to announce its new partnership with David Crabb of Field Machining Solutions. Based out of Longview Texas, David will represent and support the full range of CLIMAX portable machine tools, BORTECH bore welders, H&S TOOL pipe cutting and beveling products, and CALDER advanced valve testing systems.

David has been in the portable machining industry for more than 20 years, with field machining experience in power plants, refineries, nuclear plants, and offshore rigs. He started his career in Houston, Texas at the age of 16, learning how to use portable pipe cutting equipment at a local machine shop.

“I’ve been a field machinist, project manager, operations manager, technical adviser, and consultant, and my biggest frustration was always due to equipment failures. When H&S TOOL came out with its more rigid Split-Frame Clamshell machine with a safer trip mechanism and easy slide adjustment and tool removal, I quickly learned that H&S TOOL had the most durable and productive pipe cutting and beveling equipment out there. H&S TOOL now coupled with CLIMAX makes for a powerhouse of an offering, and I can’t wait to make it easier for my customers to use this equipment.”

– David Crabb, Field Machining Solutions

David will be looking to aggressively expand the use of CLIMAX, H&S TOOL, CALDER, and BORTECH products in north and west Texas.

David Crabb can be reached at:

Tel: +1 903-239-3683

Email: [email protected]

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