We often get requests for heavy-duty drills from technicians in various industries from Shipbuilding & Repair, Aerospace, Power Generation, Oil & Gas, Mining, and Heavy Construction. The need is for a heavy-duty, portable drill for a variety of hole sizes in various metal structures and fixtures.

In many cases and applications, technicians are challenged with tight side and/or overhead clearance restrictions that eliminate the use of more common large-capacity industrial drills. Many of these jobs call for single-pass, step drilling, roto-broaching, and back-spot facing with a variety of stroke range and feed rate requirements.

CLIMAX is the definitive leader and manufacturer of comprehensive, on-site machining solutions. We offer custom engineering and consulting services, specialized training programs, and a full line of portable machine tools enabling operators and technicians to efficiently perform on-site machining for drilling applications.

CLIMAX offers a variety of drills designed with operator safety and ergonomics in mind. CLIMAX drills can improve overall performance and reduce time on the job by up to 60% by having a drill custom-designed for the application.

Heavy Duty Drill in Focus:

BB5000 Drilling and Blind Hole Boring

The BB5000 Boring Bar makes a powerful drilling system. Mounting options include cantilevered single arm or double arm bearing mounts and our Right-Angle Drill Base.

For larger diameter holes, you can step drill, use hydraulic or servo motors, or use 120V or 230V single phase power by substituting the 4th generation Heavy Duty 12:1 Rotational Drive Unit, which is normally bundled with the BB5000 Servo Motor.

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