Automated boring and welding machines yield higher productivity

Automated boring and welding machines yield higher productivity

It may be impossible to think of an industry that isn’t interested in reducing costs associated with labor and worker injuries. In industries with frequent use of heavy equipment, such as construction or manufacturing, repairs and maintenance are everyday operations and account for a significant investment in time, especially when those operations are manual. As equipment ages and undergoes heavy-lift stress, malleable metals can become warped and worn, leading to performance issues, loss of productivity and costly damage.

Simplifying welding and machining processes is a key component to reducing such costs. Machining and welding is the best way to restore equipment to correct specifications, minimizing the need for additional capital investments. Automated, portable tools like CLIMAX’s BW3000 incorporate high efficiency bore welding with their machining systems. This combination reduces weld time and improves productivity for welders and machinists.

Because the BW3000 is able to interface and attach directly to CLIMAX boring bars, operators can perform a single setup for machining, welding and post-machining of bores, flanges and certain types of valve repairs. Automation of bore welding ensures high-quality performance and uniform precision with multiple modes such as continuous step welding, auto-skip mode, pie mode and carriage return. These features allow operators to automatically correct heavily worn, non-concentric bores.

The BW3000 is also capable of welding in bores that are too small to weld by hand. Run-time savings on large pieces are substantial: Bores that are too large to weld with good consistency in a timely manner can also be welded 75 percent faster than hand welding. In all cases, the welding deposit is uniform and easily machined when compared to hand welding.

Able to weld on any axis — horizontal, vertical or inverted — and available with the three special welding modes, the BW3000 replaces traditional hand-welding and frees operators to focus on other tasks.

While saving time and energy is a great benefit of automated, portable machinery, safety is always paramount. Remote controls reduce risk to workers from exposure to harmful fumes, heat and flash while also eliminating tedious, repetitive motions that can lead to welder fatigue and injury.

Multi-application tools like the BW3000 are paving the way for safer, professional-grade maintenance repairs that also save time and money. Read more about automated portable bore welding and machining tools by visiting the CLIMAX website.