FABICK CAT, based in Missouri, USA, faced a significant challenge with a Cat 773 Off-Highway Rock Truck that required repair. To address this, they turned to the hydraulic-powered CLIMAX PM4200 portable mill to repair and remachine a strut mount on the massive truck.

The CLIMAX PM4200 portable mill offers a longitudinal power feed with manually controlled cross-travel and can be directly affixed to the workpiece or a support structure. Users have the flexibility to select X-axis travel ranging from 20 to 78 inches (508.0 to 1981.2 mm).

Similar to the strut mount repair, the PM4200 portable mill is commonly used for milling large, cumbersome parts. Many customers rely on the CLIMAX PM4200 portable milling machines after welding up and re-machining worn parts on production machinery, such as stamping presses. Its versatility allows for the easy machining of long motor mount slots, often without dismantling, since the mill can be mounted right on the workpiece. Additionally, this tool excels at machining motor mounts and pump bases, especially in tight locations.

Max. X-Axis Travel20, 49 or 78 in.508.0, 1244.6 or 1981.2 mm
Max. Y-Axis Travel8 / 12 in.
203.2 mm w/ Weldon
304.8 mm w/ HSK
Max. Vertical Travel3 / 4 in.76.2 mm w/ Weldon Spindle
101.6 mm w/ HSK Spindle
Spindle Size0.75 in.
19.1 mm Weldon, 40A (HSK)
Power OptionElectric, Pneumatic, or HydraulicElectric, Pneumatic, or Hydraulic


Quality Machine Design with Power-Packed Performance

  • Precision-machined dovetail ways and adjustable gibs provide smooth, accurate travel.
  • All gears and drives are permanently lubricated and sealed to allow operation in any position.


  • Hydraulic, pneumatic, and electric motors are available to provide power for the milling spindle.
  • Feed options include manual, electric, and pneumatic.
  • Optional HSK spindle.


  • Two different milling head options are available: the 3⁄4-inch Weldon shank spindle and the flexible HSK 40A spindle.
  • 120V and 230V electric feed options are available in addition to manual feed for fine adjustment.
  • The electric feed option provides infinitely variable rates from 0 to 20 IPM, with push-button rapid traverse.
  • Forward, neutral, and reverse modes are controlled by a simple shift lever.
  • Rigid and Durable
  • Compact yet rigid design for hard-to-reach and limited-clearance applications.


  • Cross slide allows mounting of milling spindle on either side of the bed.
  • An extended ram may be used in conjunction with the more powerful and versatile HSK spindle.
  • The optional HSK milling head swivel plate accessory allows a 360° range of spindle angles.
  • Optional sub-plates are available for extra bed rigidity and installation versatility.
  • Quick and Easy Setup
  • The PM4200 3-axis portable milling machine provides precise and versatile on-the-job milling capabilities.
  • It is designed to be attached either to the workpiece or to a support structure beside it.
  • Beds are available with 20, 49, and 78-inch (508, 1244.6, and 1981.2 mm) travel.

The CLIMAX PM4200 Portable Mill is available for purchase or rent. Contact a CLIMAX expert today for more information.

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