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600V Vertical Valve Testing System with Indexing Table


The CLIMAX Calder model 600V Series clamp fixtures are designed to clamp and test valves, fittings and related pressure bearing parts. It is a vertical Press tester that can be designed as a ridged vertical clamp with an indexing table. Hydrostatic or pneumatic seat testing can be performed from both sides without removing the valve from the clamp fixture. The Model 600V Series test system is often referred to as the multi-purpose valve testing system because of its adaptability in changing seal plates very quickly and safely. The patented Self-Aligning Seal Head aligns the valve end faces, and patented Easy Out Seal Head Holder makes changing seal plates for flanged, butt welded, socket welded, male and female threaded, bore sealing or special valve body and end connections quick and easy, without the use of tooling or bolts.

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