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Interesting news and online content from the week: Robot Snakes Inspect Nuclear Power Plant (Vision Systems Design) Vision-enabled snake robot crawls through steam pipes, open valves, and otherwise difficult-to-inspect areas in its initial run in a nuclear power plant in Austria. Vermont Yankee Nuke Plant to Close by End of 2014 ( Lawmakers concerned about the plant’s safety, age and misstatements by plant management about components at the reactor. Norway Gives Oil and Gas Firms First Chance to Drill in Its East Arctic (Maritime Executive) Norway is looking to tap reserves further into the Arctic as it runs out of prospects in the North Sea. Decommissioning the UK’s Ageing Nuclear Facilities (Power Technology) A peek at the scale of current decommissioning work and what new technologies are likely to be enlisted for this mammoth undertaking. Gold Production Decline Imminent ( Its scary panic-induced 28% plunge over just six months has forced the miners to revisit their development plans.  And this will no doubt have an adverse impact on global mine production in the years to come. American Made Movie Builds Hope for Manufacturing at Home (BusinessWeek) An interesting Q&A with filmmakers Nathaniel Thomas McGill and Vincent Vittorio.


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