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Weekly News Roundup (May 4)

Interesting news and online content from the week: OTC Tackles Floating Wind Turbine Technology (FuleFix) An update from this week’s excellent Offshore Technology Conference focusing on the stability and structural integrity of turbines floating in open water. Is Origami the Future of Tech? (Bloomberg) Compelling look at how folding (as a manufacturing and design process) could revolutionize everything from microelectronics to toy manufacturing. It’s a long read, but it’s fantastic. Wind a Winner in Developing Nations (AOL Energy) Interesting research that demonstrates how wind might actually be cheaper than the present electricity mix in countries like Kenya and Nicaragua. Expanding Possibilities in MSI’s Fab Lab (Chicago Tribune) This is pretty neat. The Museum of Science and Industry’s Family Fab Lab lets visitors learn about manufacturing design, technology and engineering, using state of the art software and equipment — and lets the public literally create anything they can dream up. Top 5 Figures Influencing Renewable Energy in the U.S. (Stock Markets Review) Some of the most talented and innovative minds currently playing a part in the innovation and development of renewable energy in the United States. Manufacturing and Exports Show Signs of Strength (Fox Business) A positive report on improvements in the manufacturing sector and some things to keep an eye on in the future.


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