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Weekly News Roundup (Mar 30)

Interesting news and online content from the week: What’s Holding Back Energy Innovation (WSJ) Extremely fascinating interview with three of the most-prominent innovators of our generation. Floating Windmills in Japan Help Wind Down Nuclear Power (Bloomberg) An interesting look at the costs, challenges and potential benefits of Japan’s venture into floating offshore wind technology. The Single Best Way to Develop Leadership Skills (Fast Company) Excellent thoughts on how we can use volunteer service experiences as opportunities to become stronger leaders. Reviving America’s Economy: 3 Issues We Need to Address Now (Forbes) Though this article also talks about reliance on imported oil and overregulation, the part we really identify with is the idea of revitalizing business through education and training — especially around science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Wind Map An unbelievable, real-time, visual projection of wind across the United States. You can see the strength of the wind and the patterns as it moves — it’s really stunning. Full-Motion Flight Simulator Project (Kickstarter) Lastly, we just wanted to acknowledge this impressive team of high school students who have set out to fund and build a motion-controlled flight simulator. These are the kinds of young adults we love to see!


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