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Weekly News Roundup (Feb 3)

Interesting news and online content from the week: New Alignment System for Tunneling Machines to be Tested (ENR) A look at Edmonton, Alberta’s floodwater diversion tunnel project and the need for absolute precision in alignment. Flower Power (The Economist) Can we copy nature to create more efficient solar power stations? China Set to Vigorously Develop Green Economy (Renewable Energy World) A closer look at China’s ambitious plans — for a green economy and strong future. Wind Purchases, Deals to Fall This Year After Big 2011 (Bloomberg) Some reasoning behind the recent report that purchases of wind turbines will decline 14% this year. Obama’s State of the Union Proposals Face Rough Going (ENR) Interesting thoughts on the infrastructure spending proposal’s long road through Congress. Why is America’s Transportation System Stuck in the 1950s? (GOOD) How and why we’re changing the ways we travel.


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